I want to begin by saying thank you for all you have done. When I finally was able to reach FTC and taked with David I was at a loss and I was feeling all doors were closed on me, and I was losing all hope and faith and the fear if I will ever see my son again began to set in. I was desperate, angry, sad, depressed, scared, confused why this was happening and many mixed other emotions. I was so upset with David at first because it had sounded like another door was going to close, but I had been used to it I guess. I expected same from David and already was on the defensive side. My father talked with him and David and I talked more and began the recovery of my son Nathen. It was not an easy road, and I felt very impatient, David was at times hard and very honest, which at that time was the best thing, even if it hurt my feelings to know truth. If it was not for his guidance and support and his determination to see that my son be placed back where he legally belonged. If it was not the support of those in Germany, I am sure I would not have been able to celebrate my son's fifth birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas for a second year or even forever as the father was making plans to stay in Germany and leave the Service. I owe so much more than a thank you, my heart will always be in debt to Find The Children. I know when my son grows up he will feel the same way.

To those parents who are going through this right now, hang on, have faith, this is a very hard thing to go through and Find The Children know this and will do all in their power to help and find your child/children. I pray they are successful with all cases. I pray that good things will come to them and their families for doing such good deeds. I still have long road ahead even though my son has been returned and I still have emotional scarring. As I continue in courts for justice and protection of my son, and continue my healing process, I look back to what Find The Children and I have already been through and of course sometimes I still hear David and his advice. I think we have been this far and I can go further. My best advice now and it may seem hard at whatever point your are at is to be strong, don't give up, most of all try stay calm when toalking to anyone who can help you. I hope any companies who read this can contribute to their cause to help parents to regain access to their children and know that funds whill indeed all go to help those parents. Again I want to send many thanks and love to all those who helped me in the USA and Germany.

Love always and forever thankfully
Rhonda Fankhauser